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At Special Effects we aim to produce  plants that inspire life and health The 3 main markets; Trees on farms which consist of specialty timber for Agroforestry, shelter and erosion control with indigenous revegetation for landcare. We have Bush tucker or wild food plants for the home gardener or commercial grower and the third being the landscaping market supplying natives that give that special effect and inspiration visually.The nursery began as a farm tree nursery in the Otways in 1975 but since that time we have relocated to Colac and in 2005 opened Special Effects Nursery with the aim of adding specialty landscape plant and bush food  plants to our listToday we are producing plants in Hiko Trays for farm plantations, Agroforestry and Landcare.  Landscape and Bush food  varieties are available in tubes through to 14 cm and 20 cm pots.

Nursery open by appointment